The WALIPP Board of Directors oversees all operations of The Lawson Academy.  Members of the WALIPP Board participate in the TEA-recommended Lone Star Governance model which emphasizes student performance.  Board Chair Mary Ramos has been a leader in the community for years.

The Advisory Board provides The Lawson Academy with resources and support.  Members of both boards serve as volunteers to fulfill the mission of the William A. Lawson Institute for Peace and Prosperity (WALIPP) and The Lawson Academy.

Board of Directors

Hether Benjamin Brown (email)

Chavon Carr (email)

Terence Frederick (email)

Catherine Mosbacher (email)

Imogen Papadopoulos(email)

Mary Ramos (email)

Morris Smith (email)

Yolanda Smith (email)

Kimberly Wilkinson(email)

Advisory Board

Stanford Alexander

Chevazz G. Brown

Chris Brown

James Crownover

Terence Fontaine

Jerome Gray

Judge Kenneth Hoyt

Jonathan R. Jackson

Frank Karkowsky

Melanie Lawson

Renee Logans

Willie Miles

Regina Rogers

Alan Rosen

Gerald Smith

Paula S. Sutton

Sheila M. Turner