What is the Code Of Conduct
Code of Student Conduct: Rights and Responsibilities

The Lawson Academy teachers and administrative staff have the right and responsibility to respond to student acts of misconduct that interfere with the goals of education. Students and parents are expected to become familiar with the provisions outlined in The Lawson Academy Code of Student Conduct. Carefully review the responsibilities of the students, parents, teachers, administrators and the school board. All stakeholders must work together to ensure the educational and social development of the child.

Parents and students are to review the information below and sign and return the acknowledgement page.

Level I: These offenses generally occur in the classroom and can be corrected by the teacher, i.e., excessive talking, getting out of a seat without permission, or any other disruptive act which violates the S.T.R.O.N.G. principles.

Level II: These offenses are more serious than Level I and/or represent the student’s inability to control Level I misconduct. Level II offenses call for administrative intervention, i.e., disrespect of faculty/staff members, horse playing (or “playing”), or using vulgarity or profanity.

Level III: These offenses seriously disrupt the educational process in the classroom, the school, and/or at school related activities, or are a continuance of repeated Level I or Level II offenses. Level III misconduct may result in student suspension and optional removal to an alternative education program, i.e., gang-related activity, stealing, persistent bullying, and deliberate destruction of school and/or The Lawson Academy family property.

Level IV: This type of misconduct involves more serious criminal offenses. This includes any felony, whether school related or not, inclusive of those for which expulsion is required.

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