The Lawson Academy student dress code is devised by a committee composed of students, parents, teachers, and the administrative staff. It is our collective belief that students develop school pride not only by attaining honor in extracurricular activities and in scholastic accomplishments, but also by maintaining high standards of behavior which are reflected in their dress and grooming.

  • Boys and girls are expected to be clean, neat and appropriately dressed each day.
  • Hairstyles and fashions, which cause or may cause a distraction are unacceptable.
  • Appropriate undergarments are expected.
  • Expensive or irreplaceable jewelry should not be worn to school.
  • For the purpose of safety, particularly in lab settings, female scholars should not wear dangling accessories.
  • Male scholars are not to wear earrings at all.
  • Sunglasses, 3-D glasses, colorful plastic necklaces or bracelets, or any accessories not mentioned in the Dress Code policy are not permitted.

The administration of The Lawson Academy reserves the right to make the final decision regarding the appropriateness of clothing and/or accessories.The Dress Code Policy will be enforced with consistency. The student dress code applies to all students while they are on campus, whether during the instructional day or during ancillary classes other than sports. Determination of the appropriateness of attire for special events/activities rests ultimately with the faculty/staff and administrators. Violations of The Lawson Academy Dress Code will result in disciplinary action.

The Dress Code Exists for Four Reasons:
1. To insure the health and safety of everyone in the learning community.
2. To foster a positive orderly school climate for optimal academic success.
3. To avoid unacceptable disruptions to the learning environment.
4. To expose students to appropriate dress habits in preparation for the professional workplace.