The Tricky Math of Covid-19

While much about the COVID-19 pandemic remains uncertain, we, The Lawson Academy, are here to help and support our students, parents and community through this time. We are all getting used to the new normal and making tremendous strides to make the best of it. In...

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Increase or Decrease?

Life is riddled with change. Prices will go down or up. Birth rates can rise or decline. From year to year, the number of students at a school can change. The list continues and continues. To demonstrate if a number has changed in comparison to the initial amount, we...

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Adding & Subtracting Integers

  Part of math entails dealing with positive and negative numbers in integers, and still it is a field that most children are unable to grasp. You can help your children quickly learn the fundamentals of positive and negative numbers by recalling a couple of...

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Rational Numbers

This week, in all math classes, we have been focusing on identifying and classifying rational numbers.  Students must have a firm understanding of sets and subsets of real numbers to make a connection with real-world situations. Rational numbers are those of the p / q...

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