The Importance of Prior Knowledge While Studying History

by | Sep 1, 2020

Teaching Social Studies gives us an opportunity to recount hundreds and thousands of years worth of history. These events give us perspective on how to navigate our world today. This brings life to that nostalgic saying, “History Repeats Itself.” Mr. Braziel & I are honored and excited to be teaching Social Studies at the Lawson Academy as well as creating excitement in our scholars for the learning process. This week we will be delving into the inner sanctums of The American Revolution for 8th grade, European Exploration for 7th grade, and The United States and Canada for 6th grade. Students are encouraged to access outside research to get acquainted with the material. These sources of information can come from online articles, Google, You-tube videos etc. Looking forward to an amazing year with all of OUR Scholars!

All The Best,
Paul A. Buxie Jr.