Going the Extra Mile

by | Oct 30, 2020

It has already been two weeks since The Lawson Academy has welcomed students back to campus for in-person learning.  We started the first week back with a few computer glitches and technical difficulties.  However, by the end of the week, the computers were powered up and teachers, fired up.  On Wednesday of that week, teachers received additional training and practice, and on Thursday, the computer system got an upgrade.  As teachers, we continuously receive training aimed at helping us provide lessons that are effective, engaging, and thought-provoking.  Teachers are stepping up and going the extra mile for our learners. It is our desire that students join us on this journey as we go the extra mile. We would like for students to invest their time, effort, and energy in their own learning. Some students have by participating in class and completing and turning in every assignment.  However, there are others who need additional encouragement.  Please check in with your child to make sure they are completing their school work.  Some students are continuing the practice of not turning in assignments.  However, please remind your child that regardless to how the first grading period went, all students have the opportunity for a fresh start.   So, parents please encourage your child to go the extra mile and be a 100% participate in their own learning.