The Lawson Academy middle school serves students from many different school The Lawson Academy partners with Parents to assure student success. Parents are welcome to the campus every day of the year. With access to the Parent Portal, parents are encouraged to view student grades and attendance data.

With monthly Parent Engagement Meetings each third Thursday at 4:30 p.m. and monthly newsletters, parents get and give information to strengthen the school and its students.

Resources / Information

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Parent Conference

Parent concerns can best be resolved at the campus level, where most issues arise. Arrangements can be made for parent conferences with individual teachers and school administrators. These meetings must be prearranged and cannot be guaranteed on a walk-in basis. Parents should call the school at 713.225.1551 to schedule a conference. Upon arriving to campus for a scheduled visit, parents are not to report directly to the classroom. A visitor’s pass must be secured from the main office. Conferences are not scheduled during teachers’ instructional periods. In order to resolve their concerns, parents, guardians, and/or students can meet with a teacher at appropriate times to discuss existing challenges. If the parents, guardians, or students are dissatisfied with the teachers’ decision or explanation, they can schedule an appointment to meet with Dr. Raney, Principal.

School Newsletters Are Everything

Parent input is central to the success of scholars. Each month (and sometimes twice monthly), the Academy Newsletter provide insight and updates on what’s happening at Lawson.


2nd 9 Weeks Starts Monday
 – Mid-October, 2020

Planning for the Next 9 Weeks
– October, 2020

Going Strong & Reaching New Heights
– Mid-September, 2020

Ahead of the Pack on Learning
– September, 2020

Getting Online for Learning
– Mid-August, 2020

Fall Schedule
August, 2020



Planning for Fall
– July, 2020

Thanks For A Great Year!
– June, 2020

COVID-19 Changed Everything
– April, 2020

What?!? We Made the News
– April Mid-Month, 2020

Data Driven Instruction is Everywhere
– March, 2020

Bootcamp Busy
– February, 2020

Welcome Back from the Holidays!
– January 2020

State Champion Flag Football Team!
– December, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving
– November, 2019

Mentor Spotlight
– October, 2019

Welcome Back to School!
– September, 2019

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