Every student at The Lawson Academy has one job: learn. Learn all they can. Get excited about learning. Learn for the rest of their lives.

One way to support all this learning is to make learning fun! Using creative expression, field experiences, problem based learning. If you only have one job, it’s important that you love it.

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During distance learning, meals are delivered to about 30 stops in communities where our students live.  Parents are encouraged to pick up multiple days of free meals at the campus (9:30 am-10:00 am) or on our routes.

The Lawson Academy Tigers

The boys and girls of The Lawson Academy compete in multiple sports. Flag football, track and field, volleyball, basketball, and football. All grades are eligible to try out for all athletic teams. Cheerleaders, Majorettes, Drumline and JROTC are engaged in supporting all athletic teams.

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Hello! This Saturday (04/17) marks the end of our STEM program! Please sign in and see our students present their new learned skills and showcase their projects. COURSE 1: Aerospace Engineering - 11-00am-12:00pm COURSE 2: Exploring...

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Peek of the Week April 5 edition

Hello all! This week in Science (April5-April9) we are covering... 8th grade- Electromagnetic Spectrum and continue our review for the STAAR test 7th grade- We will start exploring space with Components of the Universe 6th grade; Continue studying Natural Disasters...

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