The Lawson Academy (the Academy) is committed to ensuring a safe, productive, innovative and high-quality educational experience for students, parents, staff and the community. COVID-19 permanently changed the landscape of education in our country. The pandemic is still evolving and changing, as are the protocols and safety measures required to continue educating the children of the Houston area. This RIPICS plan is fluid and will be revisited frequently (no less than every 6 months) and may be modified based on current public health needs and CDC guidance.

The Academy provides in-person instruction for the 2021/2022 school year.  Although there are no strategies that can completely eradicate the transmission of COVID-19 in communities, we are committed to keeping transmission as low as possible to safely continue having in-person instruction.

Students, families and stakeholders provided critical input at our March, 2022 Community Stakeholder Committee meeting.

Community Stakeholder Committee Minutes (3/31/2022)

Community Stakeholder Committee Meeting Transcript (3/31/2022)

As far as the health issues with the pandemic situation, Lawson like, got 100% in my book.  I really can’t think of anything else you could have possibly done more. I mean, you took the weight off of all the parents.  I can say for myself, you took the weight off of me.  Y’all provided masks for the kids.  During that timeframe, y’all provided laptops.  Y’all started school on time.  When other kids wasn’t in school, Lawson had already had the laptops provided for the kids. 

Ms. Sabrina Dearman, parent of 2 Academy students